Monday November 4th  

08:30 – 09:00 Registration

09:00 – 10:40 Talks Session 1

      Keynote by  Peter Gøtzsche - Breast cancer screening: state of the art

      Talk 2 – Andree Rochfort (EQUIP) - If prevention is good for patients, could it be good for doctors too?

      Talk 3 – Katarzyna Nessler (Vasco da Gama Movement) - Burnout prevention for family doctors

      Happy welcome word

10:40 Tea & Coffee

11:15 – 11:55 Talks Session 2

      Talk 4 – Carlos Brotons - Balance of benefits and risk in primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases: the case of aspirin

      Talk 5 – Mateja Bulc - Guidelines and mindlines in Family medicine 

11:55 – 13:10 Free Presentations |  5 free presentations (10+5 min each)

Physical activity and physical exercise in perinatal depression prevention: a Systematic review and Meta-analysis 

Authors: Ana Beatriz Modesto Pacheco; Inês Rosendo

Dr. Google: trends regarding vitamin D in Portugal 

Authors: Inês Laplanche Coelho; Ana Carlota Dias; Cátia Loureiro; Mariana Santos; Sofia Nina; Ivone Gaspar 

An afternoon building the future – an educational practice report 

Authors: Sara Lisa Pinho; Vilson Alano; Sara Mortágua; Lara Cabral; Joana Sousa

Use Antibiotics Wisely - A quality assurance project 

Authors: Inês Torrinha Leão; Daniel Kiessling; Carlota Saraiva; Daniela Lisboa; Joana Pedrosa

Planning Strategies for Suicide Prevention In Primary Health Care 

Authors: Filipa Vicente Rodrigues; Daniela Silva Lopes; Marina Rodrigues; Carla Cunha; Conceição Neves

13:10 Lunch

14:30 – 15:10 Talks Session 3

      Talk 6 – Frederik Martiny - Colorectal cancer screening

      Talk 7 – Ana Luísa Neves - Big data in healthcare: exploring the potencial, challenges and implications in preventive medicine

15:10 – 16:00 Free Presentations |  3 free presentations (10+5 min each) 

Yoga and Mindfulness Programs to Prevent Burnout among Healthcare Workers 

Authors: Magda Coutinho; Liliana Ferreira; Kátia Lourenço; Sofia Violante; Diogo Tavares 

Influenza vaccination during pregnancy: what’s the evidence?

Authors: Marcos Baraona; Inês Albano; Carlota Andrade  

Evidence of education interventions for the elderly in reducing NSAID use: a systematic review 

Authors: Pedro Augusto Simões; Luiz Miguel Santiago; José Augusto Simões

16:00 Tea & Coffee

16:30 – 17:30 Oral presentation of the best 4 posters 

17:30 Wrap up 1st day


Tuesday November 5th

09:00 – 10:20 Talks Session 4

     Keynote by  Peter Gøtzsche - General health checks: state of the art

     Talk 8 – Ahmeda Ali - Knowledge, attitudes and screening practices

     Talk 9 –  Uwe Popert - A new evidence-based German guideline about quaternary prevention

     Talk 11 – Emmily Schaubroeck - Doing prevention in every consultation: does it lead to overtreatment?

10:40 Tea & Coffee

11:10 – 12:25 Free Presentations |  5 free presentations (10+5 min each)

Dental caries in preschool children at the Cluster of Health Centres of Gondomar, Portugal 

Authors: Catarina Pinto Nogueira; Daniela Duarte-Silva; Luís Pinho Costa

Prostate cancer screening: digital rectal examination, does it still make sense?

Authors: Eduardo Sousa; Filipe Bacalhau; Catarina Avillez; Joana Amaral; Francisco Ferreira e Silva; Margarida Santos

Potentially inappropriate medication use in elderly in a primary care unit in Portugal

Authors: Edgar Coelho; Sílvia Gonzaga; Miguel Monte; Hélder Aguiar; Virgílio Caria

Benzodiazepines deprescribing: letter-moved

Authors: Nuno Parente; Ana Fraga; Joana Castro; Joana Barroco

Statin on primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: patients at low to moderate cardiovascular risk, is it enough?

Authors: Nuno Parente; Miguel Martins

12h25 Inspiration moment

12h55 Lunch

13h30 Posters visit

14h00 – 15h30 Interactive Session / Workshop

      Talk 10 – Leo Pas - Putting evidence into practice: lessons from implementation research

Tools to practice Evidence-Based Preventive Medicine
      Carlos Martins

15:45 Tea & Coffee

16:15 – 17:45 Interactive Session / Workshop

      Health literacy - the risky business of communicating risk
      David Rodrigues. Adriana Rubín, Bernardo Gomes e Sofia Baptista  

17:45 Wrap up

      Best oral presentation prize

      Best poster prize