Just a GP


Por vezes, as pérolas preciosas surgem onde menos as esperamos. Por vezes, tropeçamos nelas durante o caminho. Foi mesmo isso que me aconteceu ao ler o texto “Quaternary prevention: an evidence-based aimed to protect patients from medical harm”. Este texto foi publicado esta semana no British Journal of General Practice e ao lê-lo na versão pdf, na segunda página, ao lado desse texto, deparei-me com este magnífico poema que tão bem descreve o que é ser médico de família. O seu autor, Thomas Felix Kaye, um médico de família de Glasgow. Obrigado, Thomas. Este é daqueles que merece ser partilhado inúmeras vezes.




I am a member of a vast team, 
Yet I work alone. 
I feel valued by many, 
Yet I am undervalued by a key few. 
I own, manage and work independently, 
Yet I am accountable to everyone. 
I must offer judgement, 
Yet I must not be judgmental. 
I am privileged to be told, 
Yet the information can be a burden. 
My influence is wide, 
Yet little of what I say is remembered. 
I care for thousands, 
Yet must focus on the individual. 
I must remain the advocate of each, 
Yet often I must say, “No”. 
I am deeply trusted, 
Yet I feel under great scrutiny. 
I stand on a pedestal, 
Yet I am vulnerable to all. 
I know about a great many things, 
Yet I know a fraction of all I may need. 
I must teach them all I know, 
Yet I have to learn more. 
I must allocate the resource, 
Yet I know there is not enough. 
I must find evidence for it all, 
Yet I must think for myself. 
I must be friendly, 
Yet I dare not become friends. 
I am a Great Paradox, 
Yet I am ‘Just a G.P.’ 
I am a General Practitioner, 
But I think it’s more important I’m a Good Person.

Thomas Felix Kaye
GP, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Waverley Park Medical Practice, Glasgow, UK. Email:tommyk@doctors.org.uk
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3399/bjgp19X706925